Profit Sharing

Wildcard Amusements offers profit shareing opportunities to bars, clubs and other unique venues at no cost, in exchange for a share of the profit.

Profit sharing is an excellent way to grow your revenue and your bottom line with no investment on your behalf. We provide one or more late model pinball machine, video game, plush toy crane, candy crane, juke box or bulk vending (gumball) machine to a high traffic area or room within your business, and offer your customers exciting and interactive entertainment. 

Here’s how it works -

  • We place an amusement machine, titles (themes taylored to your venue) at no cost to you!

  • We provide all servicing and repairs of the equipment.

  • We promote our pinballs at your venue, via our website, facebook, twitter,  and various associations with pinball forums and clubs.

  • We perform all of the cash handling and provide reporting on machine performance.

  • You get paid!

Profit Sharing helps many businesses increase their income for many reasons:

  • Keep existing customers in your premises for a much longer time.

  • The machines encouraging repeat Business.

  • You will stand out from your competition.

  • You will have No cash outlay for equipment!


As well as creating a new income stream for your business the inclusion of interactive entertainment can drive revenue on your core business. A large number of licensed venues have reported dramatic increases in sales over the bar and increased patronage after placing amusement machines in their premises. Customers not only enjoy playing the machines, but spend more money over the bar, spend more time at the venue and come back more often. 


This ultimately means a lot more to the business than just the money made by the amusement machine itself.


No matter what kind of business you have, be it a hotel, convenience store, a bar, a sporting venue, a social club, a restraunt, a sub shop, a shopping centre or even a workplace cafeteria, your business can greatly benefit from the placement of an amusement machine.

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