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F-14 Tomcat  1987  Williams  4 Players

F-14 Tomcat was one of Williams' most successful pinballs of the late 1980's, and another classic from game designer Steve Ritchie, who produced many other blockbuster hits such as Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Firepower, Flash, High Speed, The Getaway, Superman, and Star Trek: The Next Generation, just to name a few. With fast-paced exciting pinball action, F-14 Tomcat combines FOUR flippers, multiple ramps, great music, sounds, and speech, and an adrenalin-pumping FOUR-BALL Multiball mode complete with flashing, rotating red, white, and blue beacons on top of the backbox!

Shoot the playfield targets to spell T-O-M C-A-T and then shoot the upper right lane to launch balls into the ramps and lock them away for Multiball! Get three balls locked, then launch the fourth ball to release ALL FOUR BALLS and play a wild round of Multiball, enhanced by exciting background music and sound effects, and great lighting effects from the playfield flashers and rotating red, white, and blue beacons on top of the backbox. (Play this game in a room with the lights turned off for some really stunning effects!)

Shoot the ball lock again during Multiball to collect JACKPOT and score BIG POINTS!

Two flippers are found in the usual location in lower center of playfield. Two more flippers adorn the openings of the loop at the top of the playfield- see if you can keep the ball looping around the top of the playfield with the upper flippers, and also use them to hit TOM-CAT targets to advance towards Multiball!

Shoot the kickback lane under the main ramp to advance jet "kills" towards Extra Ball!

This is a great game that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of experience or pinball skills. Even though the multitude of rules and modes on this game will be more than enough to keep you busy, the game play is fun and straightforward enough to be entertaining and fun for any players, regardless of skill and age. These are the true signs of a well-designed pinball, and we're sure after a game or two, you'll agree!

Overall, it's no wonder why this game is such a classic. With so many fun things to do on the game, it will surely keep you entertained and always coming back for more!

Star Trek TNG   1993 
Williams  4 Players

​Star Trek: The Next Generation (a widebody machine) is a complex game that presents seven different ‘missions with plenty of lights, targets & bumpers in a web of tubes, ramps and alleys, and studded with miniature models of various spaceships used in the show.


Star Trek TNG features plenty of outer-space sound effects & lots of quotes from eight of the show’s cast including Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) and Levar Burton (Geordi La Forge).


It is the only pinball machine that features three separate highscore-lists. Apart from the regular highscore-list and the buy-in-list, it also features a reminiscence to The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot billionaires club.


It is also the third pinball game overall based on the Star Trek franchise, following the 1979 pinball game by Bally, and the 1991 game by Data East (both based on the original series).

Star Race   1980
Gottlieb  4 players

An extended wide-body machine and Gottlieb's first of only two extra wide-body games in their System 80 lineup (the other being Gottlieb's 1980 'Circus'). Circus and Star Race are the second widest pinball machines ever made, the widest being Hercules. Circus' playfield is an extra three inches wider than the rest of the Gottlieb System 80 wide-body series, and the machine also shipped with longer legs; the lockdown bar stands 42.5 inches off the floor. This has Gottlieb's early sound board in it with lots of futuristic space sounding digital stuff going on. It plays pretty fast for a widebody of this age.

Strange Science   1986 
Bally Midway   4 Players 

For a game from the mid 1980's, Strange Science really packs a lot of fun gadgets and features in on the playfield. It's really more reminiscent of a game from the 1990's with all the wild action going on. Several ramps adorn the playfield and one allows you to lock up to 5 balls in order to play a wild 5-ball multiball (a rare feature for a game from the 1980's). Double-level rollover lanes with lane change are accessed from the Particle Separator ramp at the top of the playfield- if you're fast with your fingers on that lane-change button, you can get TWO awards for one drop of the ball!Three pop bumpers create some more frantic action just below the rollover lanes, and a reverse-flowing loopback ramp (the "Anti-Gravity" ramp) in the center of the playfield sends balls up through the Volt Meter loop lane to a third "upper" flipper on the playfield, where a well-timed shot will send the ball into the Atom Smasher to be locked for 5-ball multiball play!5-ball play advances the playfield value multiplier to 3X, 6X, 9X, and even a wild 12X value multiplier! If you want to beat your friends and embed your high score on the table, here's where the big points are!Shoot right at the locked balls in the Atom Smasher to send one back out of the lock and over the cross-ramp playfield to the right kick-out saucer, and light a timed Extra Ball shot!The left outlane on this game houses a unique feature- a player-controlled bumper post that if activated by the button at just the right time, can send the ball back through a one-way gate and into play again! Do you have the touch?This game features great colors, artwork, theme, and humour- all combined with great action- to really make for a fantastic pinball experience. This game is sure to entertain all ages and types of players- from novices to experts alike. There's something for everyone in the Strange Science!

Wild Card   1977 
Williams  E.M.  1 Player

This was the last electro-mechanical single player pinball machine made by Williams and can be played in replay, add-a-ball, or novelty scoring mode.

This particular game has been set for add-a-ball play. The main objective is to light all 4 aces and 4 deuces by hitting the targets and landing in the lower left and right kickout holes. First complete set of aces and deuces hit lights the upper right trap lane for an extra ball. Hitting a second complete set lights the outlanes alternately for an extra ball. This game is also set to reward an extra ball when the score reaches 540,000, 740,000, and 890,000 points. Shooting the left lane the first time on each ball lights the spinner for 1,000 points per spin. Shooting the left lane a second time during the same ball lights the double bonus lamp. The trap lane (when not lit for extra ball) and the kickout holes add to the bonus score rewarded after each ball.

Evil Knievel   1977 
Bally  4 Player

Bally Evil Knievel is an early Bally solid state game with chimes, and is a nice original example.

Cabinet is in very good solid condition, with usual scrapes, with vibrant original colors. Backglass is fabulous, near perfect. Playfield has virtually no wear at all. Game was recently stripped down, waxed, rerubbered, with flippers and pop bumpers rebuilt, new posts, post caps, etc.

This game plays *extremely* fast and strong.

Freedom   1977 
Bally  E.M.  4 Player

1976 Bally’s “Freedom”  Great 4 player with drop targets 2 spinners 2 kickout holes and 3 red white and blue pop bumpers.

Extra Balls, Specials and a over the top buzzer for 100,000 scoring. You will love “Freedom’s” all American theme with George Washington and Uncle Sam on the playfield and the great cabinet artwork.

All the major pinball manufactures did a patriotic themed pinball machine around 1976, Gottlieb did a great one “Spirit of 76”; and William’s  “Liberty Bell” Bally’s answer was “Freedom”.

Freedom is in well above average condition for a 38 year old pinball machine back glass playfield and cabinet have minor issues and all look very good.

Game play is fast and strong. Freedom is super clean. This is one of the last real pinball machines from Bally before they went digital in1977. We like the games layout even better then the super popular “Capt Fantastic” that we can’t seem to keep in stock.


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