We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive repair rates in the area.  The standard in-shop labor rate as well as the on-the-road or home service rate is $80 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments.  The customer is responsible for all parts and materials costs associated with the service work performed on their game.  At our low-low rates, we're even cheaper than a plumber!

Home Service 

For customers that are within driving distance of our location in Fair Acres, Pa., there is a home service fee which starts at $95 and up, depending on the travel distance.  This fee is in addition to any labor or part charges incurred during the repair of your game.  Upon arrival, I will inspect your game and advise you of the repairs and/or services that need to be performed.  I can give you a cost estimate of the service work and if it is only a minor repair or adjustment and I have the necessary parts with me, I can actually fix the game on the first visit.

If I do not have the parts to fix your game when I arrive, I will need to order them or find them if no longer manufactured and return at a later date when the part arrives.  Excessive time spent in locating rare or hard-to-find parts will be billed at the standard labor rate.  You can avoid any travel time or home visit expenses by bringing the machine into the shop for service.
We may offer to buy your non-working game if the repair costs would far outweigh the value of the machine.  Let’s face it, spending $1,000 to fix a game that is only worth $300 when it is in working condition is foolish.  So unless that particular game has sentimental value or a family history associated with it, you would be better off looking for a replacement.  I can help you find any game you desire to own!

In-Shop Service 

Customers that can bring their game into the shop may have an evaluation performed on their game.  It generally takes at least a half hour of labor to set up and examine the machine.  This cannot always be done at the time of drop-off and you may need to leave your game.  Once the evaluation is done, we can let you know what we've found and you can decide if you would like to have the game repaired or reconditioned.  Customers that will be transporting their own game back to their location are required to carefully inspect the cosmetic and functional condition of the game prior to loading it, as I cannot be responsible for damages resulting from improper handling and/or transport of a machine once it is in a customers possession.  We can transport your game for you, but there will be an additional charge for this.

Game Restorations 

As in anything, there are varying levels of game restoration.  We can do playfield-only or full-game restorations.  A quick "shop-job" can be done in your home which would consist of minimal game disassembly for cleaning, fresh rubbers installed and burned out lamps replaced.  For full details about restorations, visit our restoration page.

Full restorations must be performed in the shop as they can take several days to complete and we need to have access to our full set of tools and supplies.  For playfield restorations, the playfield will be entirely stripped of all parts, playfield will be cleaned and polished, minor touch-ups will be made, playfield will be waxed, all plastic and metal parts will get polished, new rubber and light bulbs will be installed, shooter assembly will be rebuilt and new mirror-finish balls will be installed.

Full-game restorations will include a full playfield restoration and will also include the following:  The game will be taken through a multi-point functional checklist with all electronic and mechanical systems inspected and repaired or rebuilt as needed to restore the gameplay to original factory specifications  The game will also be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, minor cabinet repairs and touch-ups will be made and legs will be polished or refinished with new levelers and bolts installed.  The coin door will be thoroughly cleaned and polished or refinished.  Playfield glass, backglass and glass channels will be cleaned.  Painted backglasses with flaking or missing paint will be clear-coated and touched-up when possible.  Lockdown bar will be cleaned and a new gasket installed.  All backglass lamps will be replaced and lamp board will be cleaned.  Lower apron will be cleaned and if needed, new score and instruction cards will be reproduced.  Game restorations are billed at the standard labor rate, plus part costs.

Restorations can be simple or complex in nature, with many factors involved in the time it can take to complete one.  A simple, single-level playfield restoration on a game that is in fairly nice condition may be done in your home in as little as 4 or 5 hours with a part cost of about $50 to $100.  Complex, multi-level games can take 10 or more hours to do the playfield alone, with a full-game restoration taking several days to complete.  You should keep in mind that there is a limit to how well a game restoration will turn out.  Miracles cannot be performed on games that have been seriously neglected, nor would the cost be justifiable when it would be less expensive to simply replace the game entirely.  I treat all games as if they were in my own collection and you can expect the utmost in quality workmanship.
Below is a before and after shot of a typical auction-quality machine that has been used, abused, disrespected and then stored in a warehouse for 10 years.  A quality restoration job can make even a game as bad as this look and play like new again!

Rates & Services

Just look at this beautifully restored playfield. 

This game is over 30 years old!



​​​Video Games, Etc. 

We do regularly service video games, jukeboxes, slot machines, redemption games, soda machines, etc.  We are more than willing to look at anything you have and give you our professional opinion for the cost of a home service fee. Our professional service team can repair virtually any piece of arcade equipment.  We have literally hundred's of satisfied clients and are always glad to provide current references.

Jukebox service provided for all NSM, AMI/Rowe, Seeburg, Rock-ola, and Wurlizter.

Unlike others, we do NOT require any money up front to begin work on your prized machine(s), we come to you, and we teach you repair techniques to help you save money in that we encourage you to watch and explain exactly what we are doing as we do it. We also stock an extensive inventory of parts and can typically fix your arcade equipment in one trip.


Do you have a broken or semi-functioning Coin-Operated type game in your home?​


We repair & restore almost every make & model of coin-op arcade game, from simple routine maintenance to that eBay nightmare!


We have over 25 years experience in servicing every type of coin-op arcade Machine. Our Experts can quickly diagnose any problem then make prompt repairs.


We can visit your home or location to inspect, quote or carry out most repairs. If necessary we offer a pickup and delivery service should your game require more extensive servicing in our workshop.​

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