Vending Machine Size Guide

Getting a vending machine installed for your business is a great way to keep your employees and customers refreshed. But how do you know if you have enough space for the equipment? The vending machine size guide on this page provides information about the size of the most commonly installed machines by Coca-Cola.​​

Coca-Cola's 660 Vending Machine


Perhaps Coca-Cola’s most popular machine, the 660 model has all the features needed to provide quality vending refreshments for your business. It holds up to 8 different drink selections and 660 12oz cans or 288 20oz bottles.


  • Dimensions: Height 72 inches  | Width – 37.5 inches | Depth – 34.5 inches

  • Weight: 559lbs

  • Energy (kW/h)*: 5.2

Vendo Millennium Refrigerated Candy Vending Machine

This Vendo Mars Millennium Refrigerated Candy Vending Machine is a bright colored, snack vendor with the M&M decals on the front.  It will vend all types of regular size candy bars such as Hershey’s chocolate, Snickers, Milky Way, etc; and bags of candy such as M&Ms, Skittles, nuts, etc. The machine is also equipped with the guaranteed vend laser which ensures a vend every time. The great part of this machine is that it is refrigerated so it can be placed outdoors in the hot sun. Being outdoor rated, it can take some serious abuse from rain and kids alike.  It will vend 12 different selections and it will hold over 700 total items.

The coin unit on this vending machine will accept and dispense dimes and quarters. The dollar bill validator will accept $1 & $5 bills.


  • ManufacturerVendo

  • Model: 719 511005

  • Height: 72”

  • Width: 39”

  • Deep: 30”

  • Weight: 650 lbs

  • Power: 120 VAC

  • Snack Capacity12 different selections

  • 700+ Total Items

Coca-Cola’s Glass Front Machine

The Rolls Royce of soda machines, the front of this equipment features see-through glass that allows you to see the inside of the machine and all the choices offered. The cost of this type of machine is higher, so we are rather picky about where they are installed. We typically reserve them for larger accounts where the sales from the machine make up for the cost of providing it. A typical Glass Front Vender holds up to 12 different drink selections and 315 12oz cans or 280 20oz bottles.



  • Dimensions: Height 72 inches  | Width – 39.5 inches | Depth – 34.5 inches

  • Weight: 637lbs

  • Energy (kW/h)*: 3.8

Automatic Products AP-213 Coffee Machine

 The Automatic Products AP213 coffee machine is really hard to beat when it comes to popular options, it features a gravity-based hopper system and a powerhouse bean grinder that ensures a consistent and perfect cup of coffee. This Automatic products AP213 coffee machine uses superior engineering & technology to make an excellent and perfect cup of coffee. This Automatic Products vending machine has long been used to measure the standard of other coffee and other warm drinks vending machines.  


  • Cup sizes from 7-12oz.

  • 7 Selections

  • Dollar Bill Acceptor

  • Coin Changer

  • Several drinks options including coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and tea

  • 120 VAC 60 hz. 16Amp 

  •  Height 72" 

  • Width 38"  

  • Depth  31"    


Weight   560 lbs with grinder

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