Soda & Candy Vending

Professional Vending Machine Service in the Central Pennsylvania Region.

Wildcard Amusements is a leading supplier and operator of coin-operated vending machines. Based in South Central, Pennsylvania, Wildcard Amusements is a full-service vending provider supporting the York County Area. We have been involved in the vending industry for over 29 years. 


We offer a wide variety of brand-name snacks and beverages, all vended by the most state-of-the-art machines featuring the latest conveniences.



Wildcard Amusements sells, services, and supplies vending machines for small to large offices, organizations & apartment buildings throughout South Central Pennsylvania.  Look for our sticker on vending machines in Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster and throughout York County.



Unlike some vending machine companies, all of our vending machines are clean, well maintained, and installed at zero cost to you when you sign-up for supply service from Wildcard Amusements!

How does the profit share arrangement work?



Wildcard Amusements places a vending, snack or soda machine, filled with drinks or snacks in your store, office or location at no charge. These machines remain the property of wildcard Amusements.


The vending Machines can vend a large variety of products. They can be set to vend at a variety of prices. 


Wildcard Amusements will visit your location on an average of one or two times per week and refill the machines with fresh new products.  Wildcard Amusements will fill the machine regularly and ensure the machine is clean and in good working order. 


Why Do Vending Machine Products Cost So Much?

Vending Machines and Services We Offer.


Soda & Beverage Vending

Liven up your break room with a variety of soda vending machines and other cold beverage vending services to keep your office productive, refreshed, and satisfied. Providing your employees with water, sodas, and other refreshments will boost not only their day but the company as a whole.



Keep your employees energized and satisfied with our wide selection of office coffee, tea, cocoa, and hot soup products. Everything your breakroom needs to keep employees happy and engaged. Bean-to-cup, single serve, gourmet, and more. Our machines fresh grind and Brew your coffee at the time it is vended to you. How much fresher can a cup of coffee get?



Snack Food/Candy Bar

Wildcard Amusements offers a variety of snack food vending options to keep your office energized and productive. We stock local Pennsylvania snack food companies and all of your traditional favorites. With snack options conveniently located in the office, your employees will never have to waste valuable time out of the office the next time hunger strikes.


Frequently Asked Questions



We offer three main types of vending agreements: traditional, subsidized and free:


Traditional Vending

This is the standard approach. Employees pay the entire cost of each item with every purchase.


Subsidized Vending

The employer pays for a portion of the product costs, so customers can enjoy a lesser price. This makes for a great fringe benefit for any operation.


Free Vending

The employer pays for all product costs and employees enjoy free snacks, foods, and beverages. We send an invoice each month for only the items that “sold.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Support Local Charities with 

Vending Machines

Our vending division works to support many local charities. We invite you, your employees, and your customers to support local and national charities through the purchases they make from the vending machines that we place in your establishment.


We fully maintain and stock the machines and then donate the proceeds to one of the many charities and non-profit organizations that Wildcard Amusements has partnered with This is a free program for you!

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