Games Wanted

I Buy, Collect, & Repair Pinball & Coin Operated Games!

I Buy Coin-Operated Games!

I collect and restore coin operated games, especially from the 1930s to present. I'm buying pinball machines (from any era, old or new), coin operated sports and arcade games, and 1990s and newer pinballs, working or broken. These are the machines I restore and collect. If you have any for sale, in any condition, please email me at for more info. I generally pay anywhere from $100 to $5000 for a game (title/condition dependant.) Located near York, PA (South Central Pennsylvania), but I can pick up a machine from just about anywhere in the U.S. and Ontario, Canada. 

Games Wanted

I am looking for the following games to restore for my personal collection. If you have any of the following coin operated games for sale, please email me at

1987 Williams- Fire!

1991 Bally- Gilligan's Island

1989 Bally- Mousin' Around!

1994 Bally- Popeye Saves the Earth

1990 Williams- Whirlwind 

1991 Williams- SlugFest

1992 Data East- Hook 

1992 Data East- Lethal Weapon 3

1989 Williams- Earthshaker

1991 Data East- Batman 

1991 Williams- The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot 

1981 Gottlieb- Volcano

1984 Game Plan- Attila the Hun  

1981 Gottlieb- Black Hole

1992 Data East- Star Wars 

1993 Bally-Twilight Zone

1970 Bally-

Four Million B.C.

1992 Bally-

The Addams Family 

1984 Williams- Space Shuttle

1993 Williams- Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

1979 Stern- Hot Hand

1988 Namco - Assault

1995 Sega- Apollo 13

1989 Bally- Atlantis

1972 Bally- Nip-It 

1988 Taito - Chase HQ

1985 Sega - Hang On

1986 Sega - Out Run

1983 Bally Midway - Spy Hunter

1984 Nihon - Karate Champ

1991 Jaleco - B.O.T.S.S.: Battle of the Solar System

1999 Midway Games - Hydro Thunder

1989 Taito - Continental Circuit - Sit Down

1983 Bally Midway - Spy Hunter - Sit Down

1991 Sega - Time Traveler

1999 Sega - Brave Firefighters

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