Bulk Vending

Wildcard Amusements is a leading supplier and operator of coin-operated vending machines, targeted to children of all ages. We have been involved in the vending industry for over 26 years, 


Our bulk vending division works to support many local charities. We invite you, your employees, and your customers to support local and national charities through the purchases they make from the bulk vending machines that we place in your establishment.


We fully maintain and stock the machines and then donate the proceeds to one of the many charities and non-profit organizations that Wildcard Amusements has partnered with This is a free program for you!

Profit Sharing with Bulk Vending Machines

In addition to this, Wildcard Amusements also places vending machines on a profit share basis. We currently have machines in arcades, supermarkets, convenience stores, Pizza shops, sub shops, resturants, gas stations, indoor play centres,  and family entertainment centres. These machines are extremely profitable.

How does the profit share arrangement work?



Wildcard Amusements places a vending machine, filled with gumballs, hi bouncy balls, 1" or 2" capsule toys, bulk candy or nuts in your store at no charge. These machines remain the property of wildcard Amusements.



The bulk vending Machines can vend a large variety of products. they can be set to vend at a price of $0.25 cents, $0.50 cents, $0.75 cents or $1,00.The machines are very profitable and on average they collect between $100 and $200 per month.  


Wildcard Amusements will visit your store on an average of every 4 to 8 weeks and empty the machine of the money and refill them with fresh new products. Wildcard Amusements will pay you 25% of the total takings.Wildcard Amusements will fill the machine regularly and ensure the machine is clean and in good working order. 


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