Amusements & Games for Profit Sharing

What services does Wildcard Amusements provide?


The bulk of our business is in profit sharing of coin operated amusement devices such as video games, pinball machines, pool tables, etc.  We also provide game repair and upgrade services to arcades and family entertainment centers.


Does Wildcard Amusements require long-term contracts for game placement?


No, we prefer to keep our locations with good service rather than long-term contacts. Our typical contract is only for one year with option to extend it after that.


Does Wildcard Amusements Lease Games?


Yes, we do lease games to locations that prefer to have their games on free play as a service to their customers. 


:What makes Wildcard Amusements different?


We actually play our games.  Most amusement companies empty the coin boxes and hurry out the door.  We clean and thoroughly test each game every time that we come to perform a collection.


What areas does Wildcard Amusements service?


We primarily serve South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland.  We have games from Lancaster to Waynesboro.  We’re expanding our route all the time, so contact us if you have a specific location in mind. 


How much space is required?


Usually, between 10 and 20 square feet is required per game.  However, pool tables and air hockey tables take up more space. 


How much Power is required?


Generally, 3 to 5 games can be run off a single 15 amp 110 VAC circuit depending on the specific games.  Some games require more power than others, so we’ll evaluate the power available prior to selecting the games for your location.


Why should you go with a game operator instead of just buying your own games?


Well, there are two main reasons. 


First, are you comfortable working on electronics and mechanical assemblies?  A pinball machine alone has 1/2 mile of wire in it.  Video game monitors run at voltages up to 30,000 Volts.  If your not comfortable working on these systems, you should consider using an amusement game operator.


Second, games drop off in profit if they stay in a location for too long.  Most games need to be rotated every few months to stay fresh.  If you only have one or two locations, then it’s hard to have enough games on hand to maximize your profits.


Does Wildcard Amusements fix games in people’s homes?


Yes we do. Wildcard Amusements is a full service amusement company. Check out our "Rates and Services" page for more details.

Boost Profit for your business at no cost...


Placing the right amusement machine in your business can generate more than just the money that goes into the cashbox. Think about the customer satisfaction and the potential for repeat business that an amusement machine can produce.


A large number of licensed venues have reported dramatic increases in sales over the bar and increased patronage after placing amusement machines in their premises. Customers not only enjoy playing the machines, but spend more money over the bar, spend more time at the venue and come back more often.


This ultimately means a lot more to the business than just the money made by the amusement machine itself.


No matter what kind of business you have, be it a hotel, convenience store, a bar, a sporting venue, a social club, a restraunt, an arcade, a shopping centre or even a workplace cafeteria, your business can greatly benefit from the placement of an amusement machine.


Would you like to:

  • Generate additional profits without any capital outlay, rent or service fees?

  • Add excitement to a "dead" spot in your venue?

  • Make use of unutilized space?


These are just a few of the benefits you could enjoy through exploring Wildcard Amusements proposal to install the latest games into your venue. Read below to find out more information about the benefits of becoming a Wildcard Amusements Vendor!


How It Works:

  • You agree to a trial of our games in your venue.

  • We install the game at no cost to you.

  • We service the games for you (at no cost to you).

  • A copy of the collection receipt is supplied to you.

  • Profits are shared with you on a pre-determined percentage (Most venues will be paid up to 50%).

  • Providing the returns for both parties are satisfactory, the arrangement is maintained.



Wildcard Amusements is a South Central Pennsylvania business which has been supplying arcades, sub shops and various other types of locations with coin operated amusement equipment on a profit share basis throughout Southern Pennsylvania for over 26 years. We are committed to supplying our clients with a product and service superior to our competitors. Wildcard Amusements has a large range of coin operated equipment from shooting games, driving simulators, Jukeboxes, Pool Tables, Candy Cranes, Plush Toy Cranes and Pinball Machines.

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